About Us

Glimmer Body Art all started with a dream….a big, glittery, glitzy American dream.

Forged from the creativity and professional experience of a young married couple, Glimmer Body Art’s glitter tattoos made their first appearance on the eclectic streets of Venice Beach, California where body art, be it temporary henna from the various street vendors or permanent in the vast parlors and shops, is very much a part of the cultural landscape that shapes the city.

Glimmer Body Art swiftly became a staple at all of Los Angeles’ hottest events. FOX, DreamWorks Animations, Nickelodeon and Toyota were just a few of the scores of fans indulged with the most charming and sparkly form of entertainment – glitter tattoos!

Realizing the potential within the amusement industry, Glimmer Body Art began producing its glitter tattoo supplies for other entertainment specialists. Parents and clowns alike began using the product and further growing the influence throughout Southern California of this unique way to fundraise, celebrate and earn extra income.

The realization that glitter tattoos were not just fad but an honest, quality-driven product designed to grow revenue became apparent with everyone, from small time event coordinators to amusement park owners. Glimmer Body Art grew (practically overnight) from their small service-based business in Southern California to the #1 manufacturer of glitter tattoo products and supplies. Now, with the evolution of its complimentary retail line, even Fifth Avenue stores and concessionaires are catching the wave of glitz and sparkle and selling Glimmer Body Art’s kits and products to families, teens and gift-givers all around the world. Glitter tattoo kits allow customers everywhere to share the sparkle with their friends and families. Glimmerize It, one of Glimmer’s most recent projects, allows folks to tattoo more than just their skin. With our new glitter transfer art you can tattoo your shirts, backpacks and cellphones with the hottest designs that simply wash off with warm soapy water. Now you can wear your heart on your sleeve, literally! The variety of our retail line continues to grow and inspire retailers, boutique owners and concessionaries all around the world. The same product that children and families see when they visit amusement parks and destination resorts is now available at their local toy stores and gift shops.

Glimmer Body Art prides itself not only in its standing with parents, park owners and party people, but the quality we continue to strive for in our products and customer service.  Whether you are buying a gift for a friend or looking to Glimmerize your store, you are giving the ultimate gift of glitter with Glimmer Body Art.